American Standard Plumber Reward Program

How Does the American Standard Plumber Rewards Club work?

When you purchase qualifying American Standard products from Murray Supply Company-you get money back. Your money back comes in the form of points on your re-loadable reward card.

With the American Standard Plumber Rewards Club 1 point=$1 in spending power. Your re-loadable reward card is accepted everywhere American Express Cards are accepted nationwide. The money is wired directly to your account in a 7-10 day fulfillment period.

What American Standard Products are on the Plumber Rewards Program?

You earn points by purchasing most American Standard products, including residential and commercial items. Specific products and parts numbers can be viewed on the claims form. You must submit the claims form to American Standard headquarters to receive credit for your purchases.

How Will Murray Supply Help You?

Murray Supply has the ability to generate monthly reports of your American Standard purchases, with the identical product description listed on the American Standard claim form. Your Murray Supply representative will deliver them to you on a monthly basis.

All you have to do is fill out the claim form and send it to American Standard with your invoices or our reports. Once American Standard receives your claim form they will credit your account with the correct dollar amount and you will receive your American Standard Express card in the mail.

How Do I Register for the Program?

To register for the program click here to go to the American Standard Plumbers Reward signup page.

What conditions do I have to meet to qualify for the Program?

Visit here to view complete Terms and Conditions of the program.